The mission of the church is


Beil Family – C.O.R.E. Missions
Beil Family – Thailand
Bennett Family – Hong Kong
Brunk Family – Maui
Carter Family – C.O.R.E. Missions
Chang Family – The Hmong People
DeCurtis Family – Philippines
Esposito Family – Southeast Asia
Files Family – Thailand
Finley Family – San Francisco, CA
Foss Family – Serbia
Freyer Family – New Zealand
Hanson Family – Panama
Hastings Family – Native Americans
Hernandez Family – Amazon Basin
Hinson Family – Country Of Georgia
Holaday Family – Mission Air Care
Illsley Family – Phoenix, AZ
Jones Family – Philippines
Jones Family – Cocopah Indians
Kim Family – Myanmar
Kinyonga Family – Tanzania
McCormack Family – Peru
McTague Family – Canada
Moreno Family – National Pastor in Chile through C.O.R.E. Missions
Morrow Family – Tanzania
Norris Family – Mozambique
Palla Family – Brazil
Pannell Family – Upper Midwest USA
Parak Family – Russia
Pearlstein Family – Seattle
Polivka Family – Belarus
Polk Family – Mexico
Post Family – Israel
Rojas Family – U.S. Military
San Juan Family – Taiwan
Sehmish Family – Thailand
Seiber Family – Palm Coast, FL
Self Family – 10/40 Window
Shaver Family – Iceland
Shelby Family – Kenya
Shrader Family – Zambia
Southard Family – South Africa
Tackett Family – C.L.A.I.M. Ministries
Teis Family – Life Factors Fatherless Ministry
Tingson Family – Australia
White Family – Japan
Wicks Family – Medical Missions Outreach
Wilson Family – Phoenix, AZ
Writesel Family – Spain
Young Family – Colombia
BIMI Seed Bank
Care Net Pregnancy Center  – Sierra Vista
Christian Law Association